Happy news for many of my remembered passwords re staying logged-in.

  • This is not a whinge, not a complaint, not a bug. Rather, it's the opposite of all those. It's a hearty "Yay, thanks Devs".

    For the past two snapshots [possibly three, but i only am certain of two], my V-SS has been exhibiting much improved behaviour wrt keeping me signed into myriad sites. For a looooooooooong time [at least a year i suspect, & maybe "forever"], V [i'm only speaking of Linux here; dunno about Win/Mac] has consistently quietly disappointed me with this little bugbear... many sites would need me to re-login each next time i visited, if either that tab, or the browser, or indeed my OS, had been closed during the interim.

    Recently though, as stated, this misbehaviour has largely gone away. I was prompted to write this post now coz i'd just opened a bookmarked page for a forum i'd not visited for many weeks, & was surprised + delighted to find i was still logged in. This is such a striking contrast to the very longterm behaviour. Nice.

    I've not knowingly made any changes here, recently, that would explain this. No new or removed extensions, no changes to my cookies settings, no recent profile rebuild. I wonder if it was Chromium 61 that made this improvement? Whatever, i like it 🙂


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