Vivaldi havent Setting - Keyboard - Developer Tools

  • Vivaldi have not Setting - Keyboard - Developer Tools


    And all developer shortcuts didnt work

  • Moderator

    F12 to start Developer Tools can not be changed, so there is no entry in Vivaldi settings page.

    And which Developer Tools shortcuts do not work?

  • @andreysneg I can confirm there are issues with using dev tools shortcuts if the dev tools are not actively focused. Have you filed a bug report yet?

  • Version 1.13

    Most important Developer HotKey CTRL+SHIFT+C - didnt work ! 2 years !
    How possible use yours browser for professiinals when most important things didnt work ?

    Tested 30 computers. Most Important developed Hot key didnt work nowhere !

    And Ctrl + Shift +C have conflict in Settings hot key.


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