With multiple tabs of same site open, closing a popup window returns to wrong tab and never the parent/calling tab

  • Just as the subject describes. If I click to open a popup child window, when I close that window, the browser returns to the last opened page(tab) of the same website instead of the parent window that triggered the window.open. I have several tabs of the same site open at one time, and Vivaldi, upon closing the child window, the browser returns to the last opened page (or what seems to be the right-most open tab of the same domain) and never the correct parent tab the triggered the popup.

    Opera, Chrome, and Firefox all do it correctly.. but not Vivalidi! ARGH!!

    It's extremely frustrating to always be returned to 'some other page' of the website I have multiple tabs open for, but NEVER the parent/calling tab!

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    @hlr Can't reproduce this. Do you use any tab-managing extensions or anything like that?

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    @hlr What have you selected in Settings, Tabs, Close Tab Activation?


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