Frequently hanging when embedding video

  • Not sure if this is the proper place, but if there's a better one, it certainly wasn't easy to find.

    Anyway, this seems kind of weird in that it doesn't happen all the time. I use Reddit with Reddit Enhancement Suite a bit - this allows you to view video links without navigating away from the page. I'm sure it's happened elsewhere too, it's just Reddit/RES that's the most noticeable.

    It seems to make some difference where exactly the videos are hosted. For example, Youtube is fine, but videos hosted on Reddit itself seem to run a much higher risk of lagging, then freezing the tab, then freezing the rest of the browser. When this happens, I mostly end up having to kill all the vivaldi processes.

  • Forgot to mention, this is on the latest version, which at the time of writing is 1.11.917.43 - also this posting timeout is freaking ridiculous.

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    We found some bugs with freeezing Reddit videos.
    As i can see the bug fix is in progress.

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    @robhol said in Frequently hanging when embedding video:

    also this posting timeout is freaking ridiculous.

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  • Still an issue as of 1.12.955.48 - would it be possible to get some more information on when this fix might be expected?


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