Opera 12 features questions (how to activate in Vivaldi)

  • Hi,
    Until yesterday I was using Opera 12 but crashed (I thing that is somthing of the https certificates).

    So I tried vivaldi, but I do not know if there are these Opera options

    • mov between tabs with the mouse wheel (control + wheel)
    • use the adblock (the last time vivaldi proves, this gave error when the adblock was installed, it was something that the browser was developed with js and the adblock cut it or something)
    • when I did control + number (x) it was going to speed dial nº x
    • Is there any combination of options in general that makes it look like Opera?

  • Moderator

    @xd123 Settings, Tabs, Switch Tabs by scrolling. Then you can scroll on the tab bar.

  • @pesala Thanks!

  • Moderator

    • Ads filter:
      Use extension uBlockOrigin
    • Select SpeedDial
      Wishes are known, but mnot implemented.
    • Look like Opera 12
      no Options, but some modifications of UI.
      Vivaldi will not be Opera 12 but implement useful features from old Operas.


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