Tab tearing, Youtube stutter, forgetful and more issues questions and suggestions

  • Long time Firefox defector here (since before it was called Firefox) and I've just switched to Vivaldi full time. I've been testing it and using it off and on for a year or two and while I know it's still fledgling in a few ways searching the forms turned up little on what I'm experiencing.

    The first thing is tab tearing. I like to tear tabs off to other monitors rather frequently but with Vivaldi it's super confused and broken. Some times it does nothing like I'm trying to drag and drop to other applications. Some times it inserts the dragged tabs URL into something else on the monitor I'm dragging to and some times it actually works...kinda. The times it works seems to only be if there is no application on the monitor or area I'm dragging to. However this still is broken and confused as it opens the tab in a new window as intended but then also prompts me to make a shortcut on my desktop (XFCE) for the URL. Any chance this behavior is going to be cleaned up and fixed?

    I've noticed on some of my slower machines Youtube videos stutter terribly. Testing with other browsers playback is smooth but back to Vivaldi and it stutters. I DID find some mentions of this (comically by looking for tab tearing) as there are tons of posts about video tearing and youtube playback that come up with "tearing" in the search but a lot of the posts mention old options now removed for hardware rendering / acceleration. Again is this a thing being looked at or is it being written off as "throw more clock cycles at the problem."?

    Another fun thing is I imported my settings from Firefox but Vivaldi doesn't seem to remember passwords despite already having them. More aggravating is I'll have to type them in, it will ask if I want it to save it, I say yes...then it doesn't. Every time I log in it keeps prompting, I say yes, but it doesn't. What gives?

    I've noticed this forgetful behavior with a few other things. Midnight Lizard for example also forgets settings and I'm constantly having to redo everything. It's a huge waste of time but if I switch to Chromium all these issues vanish. Of course I also loose some of the extra "power user" features that drew to Vivaldi in the first place.

    UI placement is another gotcha. I'd like to be able to drag and drop elements so for example my bookmark tool bar placed on the address bar panel so I'm not wasting so much vertical space and the massive waste of horizontal space is better used. This sadly is one of the things that has made me give up on Firefox. It used to be great for this flexibility but the last few years Mozilla has clearly decided they wanted to become like Apple slowly removing flexibility, forcing things to be the way they choose alienating users and developers alike. Hoping Vivaldi will save the day here.

    Quick note on the UI placements there are a lot of little options to move things from left to right and so on but not the scroll bar. My room mate has also switched and she's a lefty. In FF she could move her scroll bar to the left and is hoping to do the same thing in Viv.

    One last thing is how slow or laggy the browser is with keystrokes in the address bar. I've got all the suggestion stuff disabled so there shouldn't be some query lag as I type but if I type something in really fast and do ctrl enter to domain complete a lot of the time it just sits there doing nothing. I know I'm not that fast to outpace it and in no other browser does this happen to me.

    ***Update - Sadly the more I use Vivaldi the more fragile and broken it seems. I'm encountering a lot of issues where pages won't load. I'll type a URL in then hit enter and it just sits there. This could be similar to the input lag when using the domain completion where some inputs are just ignored under the right circumstances. I normally have to kill the whole browser and restart for it to finally GO anywhere. I've also noticed a lot of pages say they are done loading but stay a black/blank screen for some time then eventually "pop" to life but as for end user experience it's pretty jagged and unwieldy.


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