Tabs and how to use them

  • I've looked through the controls for tabs and there's more in there than I've sen in my life however I can't find the one that stops a newly opened tab taking focus?
    I sometimes sit on one web page and open numerous tabs one at a time for reading later, but Vivaldi is moving to the new one each time it opens so it becomes a pain.
    Is there any way to prevent this?
    Also, why on earth must I wait 560 seconds before making my first post? lol

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    @garyf Middle-click, Ctrl+Click, or use a mouse gesture (hold RMB and drag down for example). Settings, Mouse Gestures.

  • @garyf The feature you're looking for is "open in a new background tab". This can be found as a mouse gesture, the right-click menu on a link, you can hold down the ctrl key while clicking a link.

    Unfortunately there does not yet seem to be a way to have this behaviour happen by default. You could look through the feature request part of this forum to see if someone has suggested that or you could suggest it yourself.

    why on earth must I wait 560 seconds

    Unfortunately, the vivaldi forums are targeted by spammers so this is a necessary measure. This will be lifted once you get enough forum rep.

  • Thanks both of you 🙂


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