\Vivaldi\User Data\Default\File System\ What is it?

  • Win 10 Pro, Vivaldi 1.12.947.3

    I just noticed d:\Vivaldi\User Data\Default\File System\ has 678mb of data that seems to be doing nothing. Created 11 days ago and last accessed 11 days ago. Does it need to be there, or can I delete it before I make a backup?

  • @martinki said in \Vivaldi\User Data\Default\File System\ What is it?:

    File System

    I noticed that dir usually contains last downloads from megupload extension, and it's not always cleaned up. No idea how to do it otherwise but I clean it up manually once in a while.

  • @ian-coog
    I don't have the mega upload extension, but I deleted the folder anyway with no apparent detriment. No doubt it will be recreated at some point.

  • Just done a search with terms "chrome Default\File System"
    It seems it's ANOTHER cache for persistent html5 downloaded files, and a common Chrome problem, many are asking why it's not cleaned.
    To clean it from inside vivaldi one should select "Cookies and storage data", too bad because I WANT to keep the cookies I need, only want to delete the caches. As said before, I already do it manually from file manager.


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