Happy to find moving session to new laptop very easy!

  • Re: How to access and backup sessions?
    After the linked thread above i was worried about moving to a new laptop and bringing my sessions with me. I decided to just try the simplest option and moved the .bin files in /Users/scottedwards/Library/Application Support/Vivaldi/Default/Sessions to the same place in the new computer.

    I restarted the browser on the new laptop and was thrilled to find all the sessions there. Only wrinkle was that the restore didn't work if I had the box checked to restore them into a new window.

    Anyway, couldn't be happier. Being able to save sessions, along with the back history of all the tabs, in a portable format is my most favorite feature of Vivaldi.

    Finally I don't have to fall victim to the 200-tabs-open disease!

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    @scottedwards2000 Yay for you!


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