Clicking External Link Doesn't Bring Vivaldi to Foreground

  • Re: external links do not bring vivaldi to foreground

    I am seeing this behavior.
    Has the above been resolved?

    Is this behavior the development team is willing to implement?

    My opinion is this should be default behavior.

    I've been using Vivaldi for a couple of months and just made it the default browser for the first time.
    I get a lot of emails with links. It won't be a show stopper unless it is behavior that hasn't been or won't be implemented.

  • @nikondad I can confirm that this is indeed still an issue in the latest stable build. Clicking on a link in another application brings you to your first desktop and displays the Vivaldi menu bar, even if you've opened the browser in another desktop. The behavior remains regardless of whether the browser is in full screen or not.

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