Is it you or me, Vivaldi?

  • So I'm using tech preview two and it's entirely unreliable. For some reason when I'm using keys to go between tabs, the browser always gets stuck on Facebook, and then I have to click with a mouse. Youtube works until I click on anything. It seems a third of websites don't load, or load when I punch in the URL but not when I use google (for instance, if I go straight to Lifehacker it works. If I google Lifehacker, the website breaks). Am I missing a patch? Do I need to upgrade to Yosemite? Do I need to turn something on or off somewhere? I want to love you Vivaldi, just let me know if it's you or me. Is it not the right time? Should we try again later? Please Vivaldi, what can we do to make this work?

  • I'm also running into a lot of weird bugs. Weird stuff includes:


      • OS-level keyboard shortcuts (e.g. Command + Shift + Arrow) cause tab focus to jump despite no such entry in the QuickCommands menu
      • Keyboard input is unreliable, requiring multiple click-to-refocus actions at best (observed in Gmail) and total garbage at worst
      • Bookmarks manager is slow and refreshes inconsistently, making it very difficult to organize bookmarks
      • No support for swipe gestures (e.g. two-finger swipe to navigate forward/back

    Vivaldi definitely looks interesting, but at least at this stage it's not stable enough for me to use. The text input problems are probably the biggest problem.

  • Are you using something like the 3 or 4 buttons? The problem with those is that if an input box is or some similar input receiver on a page is in focus in that tab, then plain keypresses (unmodified by Control, Alt/Option ⌥, or Command ⌘) get sent to that. Therefore I get more consistent results with ⌘-3 and ⌘-4.

    Please note that there is also a bug (which I've reported) that when reassigning shortcuts, the old assignments persist in their effect until Vivaldi is restarted. (Ironically, Vivaldi doesn't limit the effect of text manipulation shortcuts with modifier keys to just the textbox, so pressing ⌘-z will both undo the last text change and simultaneously open up a previously closed tab.)


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