Stabilizing for 1.12 – Vivaldi Browser Snapshot 1.12.955.14

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    @mariap said:

    It’s stabilizing time – we’re getting closer to the next stable release and are working hard on fixing all the annoying bugs and regressions you’ve been reporting.


    • [Regression] Apostrophe (’) becomes a number sign (#) in search (VB-32324)
    • [Regression] Find-in-page cannot be called on vivaldi://extensions (VB-32565)
    • [Regression] onSaveBookmark called twice (VB-32567)
    • [Regression] The space key does not do fast forward (VB-32583)
    • [Regression][Mac] Trackpad zooming stopped working (VB-32553)
    • [Mac] Window button’s color scheme (VB-32587)
    • [Downloads] Download Panel info line wrapping (VB-32578)
    • [Image Properties] Add a property on a tab that returns the mimetype of the document (VB-32615)
    • [Image Properties] Add all supported image mimetypes to image check (VB-32658)
    • [Image Properties] Follow-up fixes for Image Properties (VB-32511)
    • [Tabs] Moving selected group of tabs results in blank tabs (VB-28377)
    • Updated Translations

  • Hmm... ta bom. mini atualizações, nao?

    alt text

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    Na verdade, esse Snapshot é o que convencionou chamar de bug fixing e algum deles de extrema complexidade.


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