Unwanted Tab Opening Occasionally

  • Hi Guys

    Every so often, upon opening Vivaldi an unwanted tab opens linking to bestgameshq or some form of investing / bitcoin trading website.
    Clearly I have a browser hijack and despite having Malwarebytes Pro installed, up to date AV and having tried all manner of clean up software (and incidentally all showing that my machine is clean) the tab still opens every so often.
    I can't even say that it opens every fifth or tenth time as it seems to be at random. Often enough to be infuriating but not often enough to be able to say how often.

    Neither msconfig nor Vivaldi itself shows anything apparently untoward.

    Scanning with Malwarebytes which is normally excellent at sniffing out problems says that my machine is clean.

    I don't have any random programmes installed so I'm stumped.

    Can anyone help?

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    @mark123 As a first step, refresh your profile in case that is where it's hiding.

  • @mark123 after refresh you're profile try this addon

  • Thanks for the help guys.

    @ Ayespy - I also have Vivaldi installed on a different, main use computer, on which I've built up lots of bookmarks. I've been thinking of transferring these bookmarks across to the affected machine for some time. Following your advice, I renamed the default folder on the affected PC, and copied the default folder from my primary PC to the affected one.

    So far so good! All my bookmarks were transferred across and after a few days of use, no more unwanted tabs opening up offering me a rich future trading bitcoin 🙄 on the previously affected machine!

    Due to the random nature of the "infection", it's probably still early days to absolutely declare victory but it's looking good so far. I'll report back after another couple of weeks or so. A big thank you once again

    @ Marko Indaco - Thanks for your suggestion of the addon. I don't want to change too many variables yet, so will have a look at adding the addon when I'm certain the original problem has gone.

    Thanks again guys for hopefully sorting out my really annoying (and worrying) problem.

  • hey @Mark123 glad to help you. For the infected pc (but not also) I suggest you to take a look here.
    If you don't match the type of virus you're affected, then give a try to AdwCleaner and Junkware Removal Tool (both, in this order) 😉


  • Hi Marko

    Thanks for the bleepingcomputer link.

    I did try previously AdwCleaner but that said my machine was clean. As did my AV, Malwarebytes, etc. I hadn't previously heard of the Junkware Removal Tool so will give that a look.

    Thanks again!

  • @Ayespy et al

    Hi Guys

    I promised I'd report back after a few weeks to confirm that everything's OK with Vivaldi and and whether unwanted tabs promising riches beyond the dreams of avarice by trading bitcoin had stopped opening up!
    Ayespy, I can confirm that your solution of "refreshing your profile" did indeed work and the unwanted tabs randomly opening have gone.

    Many thanks once again. 😄




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