Improvements needed, and my personal opinion.

  • Good evening guys of VIVALDI browser. I have downloaded it, and I like it in some aspects. I like the way the tabs change its color when I browse the web.. That is a good one!. But also I have some recommendations for you, And I hope you think about it :). First of all, The NAME. I mean, maybe its too late to say this but actually i do not like the name of the browser.. it is kind of complicated to memorize. It would be better if you can use another name shorter. And easy to recognize. The way the tabs look when you put them in another place.. it looks bad, because the tabs use a lot of space. The Panel in the left side I don't like it. The same. it uses a considerable space. The browser looks like opera a LOT. so if you can improve the design.. so the people can see a difference between the browsers. The icons are good, but not enough. There are better icons in another browsers. If you can improve them... it would be good. Well basically thats it at the moment. I KNOW there are bugs and problems, that I will notify you later, but I think that the design is important too. You have to work hard in the design, and try to make the browser minimalist. make it clean!! easy to use.. so the people will love it with just see it. And of course make it FAST very fast. Thank you guys, And good luck :)

  • You might want to check the settings. The tabs can be changed and the panel on the left can be disabled or toggled. As for the minimalist thing, you're right, it's a minimalist browser; that's exactly why the icon designs are minimalist so everyone can know what they do. And seeing as it's basically a remake of Opera, looking like it is kinda intended.

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