Tab Stack Strategies

  • How are you using Tab Stacking and Tab Tiling within the stacks in Vivaldi? In Firefox I typically have 200 or more tabs open in two groups (stacks in Vivaldi). What I am looking at now is grouping all the YouTube tabs for each YT topic into one stack each with tiles. All my Google tabs (search, maps, patents, Keep, etc.) go into another stack with tiles. My specialty program home page, forums, and support sites go in another stack. Gardening forum tabs in one stack. And so on. Are there other ways to stack tabs that I should consider? I have a completely open mind on this and am only using this strategy because I can't think of others.

    Here is some background. I'm a new Vivaldi user coming from Firefox. As many of you know, Firefox is facing an upcoming, programmed crisis with the cancellation of traditional add-ons and extensions. This change will drive perhaps millions of users to alternate browsers. What I miss already is the fixed size tabs. For the life of me I don't understand the resistance of the Chrome based browsers to making an option for fixed size tabs, but it is there. With millions of potential users looking for a browser, making fixed tab sizes an option would seem like an inviting way to welcome them to Vivaldi.


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