Vivaldi Upgrade Working?

  • Can anyone confirm that everything or any of the fixes in the Vivaldi Upgrade are working? For me, at the very least the - Remember Me / Logging In - fix doesn't appear to be working. It didn't work after the upgrade on my Windows Vista computer with Opera 11.52 and it's not working today on my Windows 98SE backup computer with Opera 9.64. In my case, since I have Dial Up Internet, not only do I still have to log in to Vivaldi after any Browser Restart, but from my observation, it's almost as if nothing gets quickly reloaded from the Browser Cache. From watching the Opera Extended Progress Bar, it's like after every Browser Restart, Vivaldi loads completely from scratch, nothing from the Browser Cache like say ... MyOpera, my BlogSpot Blog, the avast Forums, Etc. With those latter ones, at least SOMETHING gets loaded from the Browser Cache. Those are not total reloads from scratch like with Vivaldi.

  • same here
    I have to login with every new session

  • Thanks for the confirmation, Vux777.
    I have a feeling the Blog Post Comments Notifications are probably not working either.

  • I am VERY grateful for the platform and willing to do all I can to help the community…Just joined today Jan 29 Eastern Time, GMT -5 . operal 11.64 Win32 at this time

    very grateful, the FORUM (where I am now) is NOT broken... However, everything else does seem to be broken Cannot add freinds, update avatar, install the apps (can browze but the install button nothing happen)

    Saw there was a notice about a system update/grade Jan 28 -- (yesterday) wondering if it's taking time for system changes to filter through the CDN etc or is there a FAIL on my end?

    Gonna import stuffs from myOpera mail etc once I know how to fix what's just now wrong

    Bobbie in TN
    Apologize for I posted this as a new topic moderator please forgive -- but my question was "Is vivaldi borkded from upgrade, or is there fault on my end" seems better addressed here?

  • Hi folks. Re: the logging in/out problem, I think we might need more information, browser settings, etc. The notifications issue is definitely not on the user side, so that will also have to be dealt with in the near future.

    Bobbie, I created a testing account after the update and everything in the new account appears to be working at first glance. I was using Opera 11.62. I assume you've tried clearing your cache/history/cookies. Do you have the same problems using another browser?
    Welcome to Vivaldi, by the way :)
    I deleted your other thread since it was a duplicate.

  • As to more information on my system?
    Let's see …
    Windows Vista Home Premium SP2

    Opera 11.52 or 11.64 I switch between the two when I encounter problems or whatever. Either way, I for all practical purposes use the default settings. I definitely do not touch anything having to do with cookies.

    About the only things I tweak after an Opera reinstall are:
    Disable Password Manager
    Disable Mouse Gestures
    Disable Automatic Updates
    Enable the Show Panel Toggle tiny arrow on the left of the screen.
    Enable the Extended Progress Bar at the bottom of the page.
    Insert a JS File path in the JavaScript Options so as to use the additional MyOpera Smilies with the Toolbar incorporated at the top of the New Comment Box.
    Change the Disk Cache to 200 Meg.

    And that's pretty much it.

    It can't even be Anti-virus related as I'm not even currently using an Anti-virus because I've been having computer problems.

  • As I mentioned on my 1st comment, today I also used my backup computer with Windows 98SE and Opera 9.64. The Opera 9.64 settings are pretty much the same as the ones I use on Opera 11.52 and Opera 11.64.

  • We will fix this.
    Here's a potential temporary workaround for Opera 11.x users: Find the cookies that have no expiration date and add an expiration date and time. This works in Opera 11.6x but not Opera 12.x I have not tried other browsers.

    Go to the Cookie Manager in your Prefs.
    Click and open the cookies for
    Select a cookie and hit Edit.
    If there is no date/time in the "Expires" field, pick a date/time and put it in there.
    Do this for all Vivaldi cookies that have no expiration dates

  • I'm on Opera Blink (dev, next, stable) and Vivaldi still does not remembers me.
    Win7 x64 ultimate
    I have "block third party cookies and site data" turned on
    I'm also using off-road.

    I have 23 cookies from Vivaldi at the moment of writing, but there is no option to edit them (date of expire) only to remove them

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