I just love Vivaldi and love should have no proper reason

  • Well, stupid topic - cause it has!!
    In-depth settings, themes, panel. Everything is for people, free and cool!
    Oh. And I'm new here!
    Well, I like programming and I do basic programming, I love surfing the web and having fun like all other teens!

    And... I'm 15, I'm from Iran, I'm a muslim, and I love Vivaldi and all the people loving or working for Vivaldi - And I'm proud of all of these!

    ...who are you?! ❤

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    Welcome to the Vivaldi forum. I am a Buddhist monk from the UK.

    You're probably too young to remember the previous version of Opera.

    The former CEO of Opera, Jon von Tetzchner, released the Vivaldi Browser for fans of the old Opera. Many of us used Opera for ten years or longer. I first chose Opera because of its built-in email client, and Jon promised from the outset to provide that in Vivaldi too. He also understands what the features that old Opera users like in their browser.

    We love the philosophy of Vivaldi that is to listen to its users and provide much more than just a basic tool.

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    @claw I'm 64 and used Old Opera from 1999, so of course Vivaldi was a natural fit for me.

    I am from the midwest US, and live in the western US. I won't mention my religion because it's been the subject of so much black PR over time, but suffice it to say all religions are welcome and holy in my book - and I've studied religions of all kinds since I was 12 (37 years before you were born) - wherefore @Pesala and I have actually argued religion a bit. But I am proud of nothing, as pride does not suit my world view. (OK, well, still alive and kicking and making trouble after 64 years, and a tiny bit proud of that)

    All that said, WELCOME!! There can never be too many Vivaldi users.

  • @ayespy: Well, I thought you'd been using the Old Opera a little longer than I do. I heard first of it when it was at version 3.6x and followed every iteration since. Last version for me was 12.17 and then waiting for something to fill the gap. Well there is something promising with Vivaldi now and I find myself quite often checking for updates or interesting topics on the forum.
    It's quite refreshing to see much interest and enthusiasm in Vivaldi's development. 👍🏼

  • @claw Hello & welcome here. I think your post is sweet, & it made me smile. It sounds like you were excited to discover V, & are now another enthusiast for it, like so many of us here are. Hopefully you will also enjoy the forum; there's a lot of smart & kind helpful people here in our "V community" who routinely help each other, which is a nice thing.

    How did you discover V? Do you use V Snapshot or Stable [or both]? What OS do you use? A relatively long time ago in the original V forum i made a thread inviting people to explain the story behind their chosen screen-names, which had many interesting replies... your name sounds interesting too, so is there a story behind it?

    I'm in Australia. I'm most certainly not 15, teehee [indeed, algebraically, if you are x, then i am 3.866666666666667x, ha!! Whilst arithmetically if i were to round that to 2 significant figures it should be 3.87x, i think i prefer to be criminally innumerate by rounding it down to 3x 🙂 ].

  • @pesala @Ayespy Hi and thanks for introducing yourself!
    Well I used Opera too ago, but my father was using its phone version from long long time ago. Since I was 8, I had this computer and I'm exploring everything from then til now and forever!

  • @steffie THANK YOU ❤

    Well, I discovered Vivaldi in a Persian app download site (I check it every single day) and thought: "This looks cool!!".
    I've seen many many Chrome children ( XD ) , but Vivaldi had something else to notice - it is the remaking of the old Opera history, so I didn't hesitate a moment to grab it and try it!
    I currently use the Snapshot version, but I sometimes switch to the Stable version. (And yeah. THIS made me completely uninstall Chrome)!!
    I'm using Windows 10 x64.
    Well, as a junior programmer, I choose many names which come to my mind - which shouldn't have a proper meaning sometimes. Ago my screen-name was PRISM, and now Claw. Even my friends call me like that XD

    Oh. Seems interesting! [(I love)hate math] 🔢


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