Love, Lust, or a touch of both!

  • Hello all;
    Was travelling about the weebs on my Linux machine looking for a better browser than Chrome(iccch, Google pays way too much attention to you), Firefox(trouble here and there esp. w/ Netflix), Opera(umm, it's OK, the test browser Neon might be great someday), then lo, behold, bow before it's excellence, etc. etc. etc. I discovered Vivaldi. What a beautiful, well thought out, web browsing machine. I've been using the snapshot version and have had no trouble with it, Amazon Prime vids wouldn't play in the regular version, that's when I tried the snapshot and had no further troubles with it or Netflix. I shall discontinue my gushing praise for now. Have so much to learn yet about Vivaldi's capabilities, I should be learning not typing.

  • @wmtell1812 I have been using it for 10 days and loving it. Welcome aboard 🙂

  • Reading newbie posts like these always puts a smile on my face -- though i discovered V in very early 2015, & made it my default browser in Feb 2015, i've never forgotten my enthusiastic delirious giggles & whoops of unadulterated joy on that morning of my discovery. Welcome to both of you.

  • @steffie Well, same.. but I had discovered "late" (1.0 snapshots pre-beta). It was quite unpolished (usability bugs) but it was already an innovative product - expecially considering that now all major browsers looks like the same 😃

  • Vivaldi Ambassador

    Welcome and yes, almost all I know have stayed with Vivaldi as main browser just use it for the first time.
    The same thing happened to me, although in the prime versions there were still enough bugs and dead birds, since from the beginning I have seen a great potential in Vivaldi that will mark a before and after, especially when soon will eliminate the last deficiencies , such as synchronization and some minor tidbits.


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