Blocking cookies does not seem to work

  • Hi all,

    I'm running Vivaldi 1.12.955.3 (32Bit) on W7/64.

    Vivaldi offers 3 options regarding the cookie management:

    • accept all
    • only for this session
    • never

    I have 3rd party cookies configured to never be accepted in this installation of Vivaldi.

    By default cookies are disabled in uMatrix for ALL sites unless otherwise specified for INDIVIDUAL sites.

    If I were to set Vivaldi to "never" I would lose the option to allow it in uMatrix, which is the reason why I chose "only for this session".

    I just accessed a website and although I did not allow cookies from that domain in uMatrix to be stored to my PC I spotted cookies within Vivaldi -> Settings -> Privacy -> Cookie list.

    What am I doing wrong?

    What I would like to achieve is NOT A SINGLE cookie to be saved to my PC by default UNLESS I explicitly allow it SELECTIVELY for specific domains.

    Is the only solution to disallow 1st and 3rd party cookies globally in Vivaldi and then use the Vivaldi built-in site preferences (left of URL in address bar) to achieve this?
    That would be a true pity (although I'd agree that built-in functions are most often superior to extensions) as ..well, it's very handy to not have these settings to check for all over the place.

    Thanks in advance.


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