Security Certificates

  • Who decides which security certificates are trusted or untrusted by the Vivaldi browser?

    As Vivaldi is rebased on new versions of Chromium frequently, does it automatically follow Google Chrome's decisions in these matters as part of the code it absorbs from each new Chromium release?

    Or does Vivaldi make independent decisions on security certificates?

    What make me think of this is that Chrome has decided to gradually phase out trust of select Symantec issued certs. Will Vivaldi be following suit? If so, will it be doing so because it automatically follows Chrome or because it is choosing to only in this specific case? Will it be following the same schedule?

    If Vivaldi is going to continue to accept the certicates, what's the rationale for not phasing them out?

    Trying to get a feel for how Vivaldi operates in this regard in general as well as the specific example.

  • Moderator

    Vivaldi like other Chromium browsers use Chrome's trustlists for CA certificates.

  • @gwen-dragon Thanks!

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