Adjusting the font size on the tabs?

  • Is there any way to adjust the font size on the tabs, in Vivaldi for Linux? (or Vivaldi in general?) They are just too small... They look about 10-12 pixels high maybe?

    alt text

    On my monitor, which is a 24" ASUS monitor @ 1920x1200 pixels, these fonts are about 1/5" high or so... a bit too small for my tastes.

    I thought maybe there might be some Chrome extension that might be able to do this?

    Incidentally, I switched from Chrome to Vivaldi because of Google's questionable actions of late. I don't like how they censor certain searches -- there's evidence to suggest this is a problem -- and I don't really like how they treated James Damore, either. I decided I didn't want to support Google anymore. I no longer use Google search, instead using Bing, or DuckDuckGo or some others. Vivaldi is quite similar to Chrome in most respects so it's not a big deal to switch, and its ability to use Chrome's extensions is a big advantage.

  • Natively you can adjust the UI by using the Interface zoom.

    If you only want to adjust the font-size for the tab-header, you will have to implement a custom modification.

    .tab-header {font-size: 14px;}

    The original font-size seems to be 11px.

  • @luetage

    Ah okay. That will work. And yeah, 11px is a bit too small... something like 16-18pix is better.

    edit: but that line for the custom modification is of no use if I can't find the file it's supposed to go in.

    That page says this:

    In any case there is only one single file in Vivaldi that you should ever need to modify. This file is located at YOURVIVALDIDIRECTORY\Application\VERSION\resources\vivaldi and called browser.html. You should back it up before you fiddle with it. You did the backup, right? OK, here's the fun part:

    I have no idea where that directory is supposed to be on a Linux machine. I can't find it...
    The closest thing I have the .vivaldi directory in .config, in my home directory. It doesn't contain
    that directory tree though.

  • Moderator

    @crotalidae75 Beware, on a high resolution screen 11 pixel are a very small height.
    Perhaps a relative font-size in em or % would be better to handle instead of a fixed size.

  • @crotalidae75 If you go to the page vivaldi://about it should list something like the "executable path". Maybe that helps?

  • Yeah, thanks for the info, everyone.

    I found the custom.css file and modified it. I set the font size to 16px, which is much better...


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