move buttons of the panel

  • can i move the buttons like chronology or bookmarks up and now in the panel?

  • I was just experimenting with panels and also wondered if there is a way to re-arrange the panels once you create them? For example, move the button for the second panel you opened appear above the button for the first panel you opened? If not, we can just delete them and start over. I love that the panels stay when you close Vivaldi and are still there when you start Vivaldi again. Very useful! 🙂

  • FYI - I'm loving the panels! I originally set up Vivaldi to automatically open 3 sites in Tabs on startup. But now that I've learned how to use the Panels, I like that better for the sites I need quick access to. I can hide the panel bar and not have the tabs showing up (which I can accidentally move, delete, or click a link and have to get back to original url). The panels keep the original urls when you exit. Vivaldi remembers which panel you were using if you exit with the panel open. And I LOVE being able to have different widths for each panel. So far, I've got one for my e-mail (maximum width), one for content settings (narrow width), and one for extensions (medium width). Unless something tragic happens to Vivaldi, I'm NEVER going back to Chrome! 🙂

  • To the slightly different questions you each asked. Currently... no. Many of us, for a long time, have asked for capability to easily rearrange panel items. I have zero inside knowledge, but my guess, based on the huge amount of customisability we do already have, & the V-Team's mission statement, is that some day likely we will also be able to do this [& i mean that wrt non-coding users, by simple obvious baked-in design features, not by clever individual users being able to edit V code themselves].

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    @criverajc You can manually reorder them by copying the URL from the right-click menu, deleting a panel, then adding it again at the end.

    0_1505277350538_Copy Delte and Add.png

  • If you mean web panels then @Pesala's solution is probably the best.

    If you mean the built-in icons, then your best best would be to vote for this feature request and in the meantime use this custom CSS mod:

    #switch .bookmarks {order:0}
    #switch .downloads{order:1}
    #switch .notes{order:2}
    #switch .history{order:3}

    And change the order numbers as needed

  • @lonm Thanks! I voted for the feature. I already deleted the panel and now have them in the order I want. Thanks for the CSS. I'll check out where to put it. 🙂

  • @lonm Where can I find the list of all panels and their respective class names?

    You're solution only lists the Vivaldi default panels, I'd like to rearrange user added panels.

  • @cunnin6 For user added panels the best option (for now) is to simply remove them and re-add them in the order you wish for.


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