• New to the forum, but not new to Vivaldi browser. Took the time to register and make a suggestion, figured I may as well pop in and say hello while I'm here. Great piece of software, definitely become my number one browser. Although sometimes I still use Firefox. I've also become a Gnu/Linux user in the past year, been running Linux Mint x-64 since about January. I may or may not try Debian at a later date. I still maintain a Windows 10 partition for certain software and/or games that can't run in Gnu/Linux, but I almost hardly touch it to be honest. Gnu/Linux + Vivaldi browser is a great combination in my book. Thank you!

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    Welcome to the Vivaldi Community.

  • Thank you. I have to say, I like the forum software as well. It's pretty snappy.

  • Hello dear friends, i am new here too, i am an very comunicable persone and like making new friends!!

  • Hello and welcome to both of you.

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    Welcome to the forum :)

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