Colors in Vivaldi differs from Chrome/FF

  • Hello,

    I don't know if I have something set badly or if this is a bug. It started, I think, a few weeks ago. Currently with version 1.12.955.3 (Official Build) (64-bit).

    Vivaldi is showing colors in different (duller) tone than Chrome and Firefox (And I dare to say to the rest of my system as well).

    Page actions are all "unticked".
    Color in settings - No Modifications.

    This behavior is really throwing off my senses. Any suggestions, or is this a bug?

    Thank you.

    Firefox vs Vivaldi

    Chrome vs Vivaldi

  • Looks perfectly fine for me. Vivaldi shows the same colors as Chrome does on the left side of your picture.

    Try going to vivaldi://flags/#enable-color-correct-rendering and selecting "Disable" to disable the color correct rendering. I once found someone posting a picture on this forum showing the difference between Chrome's and Vivaldi's color rendering, and found that if they disabled that option, then it'll render colors just like Chrome. But it seems to look the same to me regardless.

  • Hey!

    It did the trick! Thank you very much, sir! 🙂

    But it brings up a question, why this choice even exist? Shouldn't colors (in every app using the same color profile, in this case sRGB) look the same? I don't really care which mode is correct. Just that everybody should use the same one.

    Developers, why is this happening? Could someone elaborate more, please?

    PS: No, really, those images look different by a solid margin (to me) on my S-IPS monitor (in this case an older Dell U2711).

  • Vivaldi Team

    If you have a high end display, which is increasingly more common, it might support a wider color gamut than sRGB. The Dell U2711 claims to have 110% color gamut.

    Here's a collection of common display color gamuts:
    Color gamuts

    With color-correct-rendering enabled, the maximum red and green levels of any given image in sRGB will no longer be the maximum level that the display can support, but rather clamped to the limits of sRGB.

    Usually the case is that the less saturated your colors are, the more likely they are to be "correct". But correct colors usually only matter to people working with photo, video or design applications. If correct colors is not your job I'd leave it at whatever you think looks best.

    Lastly, if we behave differently than Chrome, please file a bug. Make sure to test in latest versions of both.

  • @helmers

    Hello, yes. That is correct. But my monitor is set (in my monitor settings) to an sRGB profile.

    That does not make this difference. It doesn't really matter. If you use color picker tool (an eye dropper) and try to sample same grid positions (ff/chrome vs vivaldi window), you will get different values.

    Those pictures were taken by print screen, not by a camera.

  • Hello,

    now the setting has changed and to get to the same result as with the command above (vivaldi://flags/#enable-color-correct-rendering and selecting "Disable") you need to use the new setting shown below.

    vivaldi://flags/#force-color-profile and select an "sRGB" profile.

    Maybe it will help someone.

    *And it makes sense. My monitor is set to an sRGB profile and the profile in the browser says an sRGB. Nice and simple.


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