Change Vivaldi icon in the taskbar

  • I wish other Vivaldi icon in the taskbar - is that at all possible?

    My Environment is Windows 10

  • @gruenesonne Yep, this is possible (maybe you'll need to change this after every update but I don't know for sure so better make a backup copy of your new logo)
    Go to: vivaldi://about copy the path behind "Profile Path" (it should end with /Default) close vivaldi and open that path. In that folder there is another folder called "Web Applications" in this folder again are a few other folders one of them contains a file called "Vivaldi.ico" that's the one you want to change.

    Needles to say that you should consider to make a backup first.
    Oh and btw after you changed it you maybe need to click on your desktop and press "F5" before the change takes effect or you'll need to start vivaldi again (I did both in my test so I can't say for sure what was the trigger)


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