Selecting Texts (input field)

  • Since a couple of days maybe weeks I've encountered a problem where you can't select text properly (mostly in input fields) it just disappears immediately but for whatever reason it works on selecting long text. Anybody has the same problem?
    I'm on Win 7 and using the latest version of Vivaldi (1.12.953.8)

  • Moderator

    Do you have a special (changed) Vivaldi Theme or a special Windows theme setting?

  • I'm using a custom theme on Vivaldi but it's also the same with any of the default themes. As for the windows theme I'm not sure what you mean, I'm using a different colored window theme.

    On Chrome and Firefox I've no problem selecting a (portion of) text.

  • Update:

    It looks like an extension (dict-cc) was causing this problem, so I've deactivated it for now and it is working again.


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