Starting up with previous session shows closed tabs

  • I prefer to pick up where I left, so I pick Start up with previous session. While all the tabs from the last session are there, there are also plenty of tabs there which I had closed (even long ago) before I shut down the browser...

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    @davikar Please try refreshing your profile and let us know what happens.

  • @ayespy It did not help. Also, I just started testing Vivaldi, so it was a pretty fresh profile. I went back to test the same setting with Chrome and it seems to behave the same. So it's probably isn't Vivaldi specific.

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    @davikar Interesting. Wonder why it does it on some systems, and not others. You running any extensions?

  • @ayespy Yeah. This is on Manjaro Linux if it makes any difference. I'm running Vivaldi 1.12.953.8.

    Edit: I found the culprit. I have Fast tab/window close enabled on both Chrome and Vivaldi. Apparently tabs don't get closed properly when it's on.

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    @davikar And there we go. Yay.

  • @ayespy The OP's symptoms were somewhat different to the plethora of [mostly?] Windows users beset with claims of V not restoring tabs on launch. However, just in case this flag might also be having some weird interaction for them as well, i wonder if this interesting discovery needs elevated prominence...

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