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  • I have a home PC that is safe and secured. I want Vivaldi to log me in for a very long time (or forever) on all sites where I checked the "Remember Me" box.

    What is the setup in Vivaldi to accomplish this?

    I kept getting kicked out almost everyday so I have to long in everytime. This is driving me nuts.

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    @topquark "remember me" on websites does not keep you logged in. That is not what the function does. It only permits the website to auto-enter your username - which Vivaldi will do anyway, if you have auto-log-on enabled. In fact in a few cases, letting the website enter the name rather than letting Vivaldi do it, has been seen to break auto-log-on.

    That said, all of my Vivaldi installs keep me logged in to all of the persistent login sites (Google, facebook, etc.) all the time. So it's possible either you have a corrupted Log In Data file, corrupted cookies file, you have cookies set to session-only (which prevents persistent log in) or you have some extension or other app that is actually breaking this function.

  • Different web sites may handle log-ins differently. Some use cookies with built-in expirations that only allow log-ins to persist for so many hours or days... some financial and government sites work this way, with auto-expirations measured in mere minutes of idle time. I've also seen sites that interpret their log-in term "Remember Me" in opposite directions: some use it to mean "persist" in keeping me logged in whatever else I do, while others use it to mean "remember me while I'm anywhere on the site but dump me when I leave". In most cases, I don't check the remember-me boxes, just as a matter of course.

    If Vivaldi 'loses' a log-in when you shut it (or the computer) off, you may want to make sure your cookies acceptance setting under Tools > Settings > Privacy is set to "All", rather than "Session Only". Session cookies exist only for the browser session currently underway, and closing the browser kills the cookie validity. Also, make sure that any relevant installed extensions have white-listed your log-in sites' cookies, so they don't get dumped upon browser shut-down or during an extension's cookie cleanup operation. Personally, I prefer to employ session cookies only, and so I tolerate having to re-login whenever I restart the browser, mainly for privacy sake in avoiding long-term cookies from sites I don't log into.

  • I have many websites to read everyday so I would like to keep the cookies until they expire and not until I reboot my PC or restarting Vivaldi.

    In Firefox, they have the "Keep until: they expire" option:


    They keep me logged in until the sites drop me off which is very reasonable. In some non-sensitive sites, they expire for a very long time or does not expire at all. I can understand for sensitive sites. I already have the Tools > Settings > Privacy set to "All" but still drop me off after Vivaldi restart. I also deleted the cookies, then restart. The problem persist.

    Do you think I should re-install Vivaldi or is this a feature that is still work-in-progress?

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    @topquark In my copies of Vivaldi in Windows, this "just works." I accept all cookies, they stay until they expire, and I am always logged in where I expect to be logged in. If it doesn't work that way for you, something in your profile is broken, or something on your system is interfering.

    Re-installing Vivaldi is unlikely to have any effect. "refreshing your profile is the action most likely to fix a broken cookies routine.

  • @ayespy I tried the procedure. It gave me a clean reset after renaming "default" and I don't see the extensions anymore. After re-starting Vivaldi and logging in to the site with "Remember Me" checked, I still have the same problem. 😕

    The site I am trying to login is https://forum.xda-developers.com. With Vivaldi, it ask me to re-login everytime after restart but not Firefox.

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    @topquark Stop checking "remember me." It does not help you, and may in fact interfere with the Vivaldi password routine (which will enter your username every time you go to a sign-in page, anyway.) If in the end, refreshing your profile doesn't help anything, you can simply reverse the procedure and nothing (including extensions) is lost.

    Do you run any 3P security software? These can prevent the saving of modifications in certain login or cookie files.

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    @topquark Perhaps someone with an xda-developers account can test to see if it is doing to to them as well.

  • I have registered for test but also interest and I had to enable third party cookies
    for auto log in (Remember me was enabled per default so I leave it).
    You have to restart the system not only browser to get kicked out.
    I use several forums, web mail sometimes and never had to use third party cookies.

    Cheers, mib

  • One the same PC, Chrome and Firefox works ok. The Vivaldi version I'm using that does not work is: 1.12.953.8 (Official Build) (64-bit)

    On another PC, I installed a fresh copy of Vivaldi 1.11.917.43 (Stable channel) (64-bit). This one works! 😀 Now I don't recall where I got version 1.12.953.8. What's the difference between the two?

    I will re-install a fresh copy of Vivaldi using 1.11.917.43 and go from there. I hope this will solve my other issue of losing the speed dial icons also every reboot. 🙏

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    @topquark 1.12 is the Snapshots version (found on the Blog).

    If you go back to 1.11 (Stable), you should not use your entire 1.12 profile file. You should instead transfer your bookmarks, passwords, top sites file, notes, Log In Data file from the 1.12 to the 1.11 and then make your other modifications from that point..

    But it sounds as though 3rd party cookies had been blocked, broken, or turned off in your 1.12.

  • Here works even on xda. But I'm on stable.

    My cookie policy is:
    remember me (useless if cookies are purged)
    allow all (keep saved until they expire)
    3rd party cookies on (some sites require them)
    cookie whitelist (extension - keep useful login/purge others)

  • @ayespy On the same PC, with fresh Vivaldi install without any extensions, bookmarks, etc., it still kicks me out. It must be hardware or bios related because the cookies are not being deleted on another PC with newer hardware. I am currently using a 4 year old Intel i7-3770. I'm not sure if that is the cause.

    With that said, I tried @Hadden89's recommendation by installing this extension and that resolved it. Let me use this extension meantime until I can figure out more what is going on here.


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