Keep everything after reinstalling Windows

  • What's the easiest way to do it?

  • You mean your vivaldi profile?

    1. Get an extenral usb drive / cloud storage account
    2. Go to Vivaldi menu > help > about
    3. Find in explorer the location of the folder described on that page as "profile path"
    4. Just copy the files from that folder you want to keep, e.g. Bookmarks, History, etc.
      4a. Note that it may not be possible to do this with saved passwords or extension settings
      4b. You can export passwords by following these instructions, if that applies:
    5. Copy these files back into that directory once you've reinstalled vivaldi and run it for the first time
      5a. Follow above instructions to import passwords, if necessary

  • Moderator

    @miguel-okstein With Vivaldi you can't. You can copy off your profile folder ("Default" folder) and put it back after you reinstall Windows and reinstall Vivaldi - but you will lose your extensions and your passwords because they are encrypted using a key which is married to the unique user ID of your old windows version.

    All is not lost, though. If you are on the latest stable version you can go to chrome://flags and turn on password import and export. Restart the browser. Then go to vivaldi://chrome/settings/passwords and at the bottom of that window, click the "Export" button. Save that file for re-import into Vivaldi after the Windows reinstall.

    Note: the vivaldi://chrome address redirect is BROKEN in the Snapshot. You can only do this in the Stable version. And if that means you must install stable (because you're using the Snapshot) and copy your login data file to it to do this trick, then that's what you'll have to do.

    Now once you have exported and saved your passwords, and saved your "Default" folder safely, on a thumb drive or other external media, you can go ahead and reinstall Windows. You will have to jump through the same hoops in Stable on the new system to make your passwords importable, but at least you will have them. And then you can upgrade to snapshot from Stable (or install standalone snaphsot alongside stable) after that.

    And then, final step, reinstall your extensions. All of their data and settings will have been saved in the old profile folder, even though the extensions themselves require reinstall.

  • @ayespy THank you so much for the answer. One more please. Will this work? :

    . Exporting everything to Google (Chrome) account+sync
    . Reinstall Win
    . Installing Chrome+Sync
    . Installing Vivaldi's snapshot+importing Chrome settings+options+extns

  • Moderator

    @miguel-okstein Unfortunately, not. You can't export your passwords to Chrome AFAIK. I suppose you could export your passwords to desktop and import them to Chrome, but I don't see a direct solution for extensions (if you use them). So that might work for passwords. For all of your other settings, you need a saved copy of your old Vivaldi profile.


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