How to export Javascript exceptions?

  • How can I export my Java-exceptions (the web pages which are allowede to use Java)?
    I want to have the same settings on my desktop and the notebook.

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  • As far as I know Java is discontinued on Chromium. You can't set exceptions because it doesn't work in the first place.

  • I guess only Firefox ESR (legacy version) and Internet Explorer still support java.

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    @Albinoni I cant see any exceoption settings for Java in a Vivaldi browser.
    I guess you mean JavaScript.

    You can not export such website settings for expections yet.

  • Sorry, yes, I meant Java Script.
    Please forward the missing export-possibility to your programmers.

    Thank you very much!

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    @albinoni said in How to export Java-exceptions?:

    Please forward the missing export-possibility to your programmers.

    Please, you can explain what is missing for you.

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  • @gwen-dragon I think what @Albinoni is meaning is a way to export the javascript subset of "site settings". I.e. the stuff you can see at chrome://settings/content/javascript

  • @albinoni While it might not be possible to get this from the vivaldi program directly, in the meantime you can try copying it from your preferences file
    If you visit the page vivaldi://about and go to the place listed as your profile path, you will see all of the stuff related to your profile.
    Then, inside this, there is a file called Preferences. If you open that in a program like notepad, and then press Ctrl+F to find the word javascript there should be an entry in there describing what you're after.

    If you know about json, the exact location in the preferences file of what you're looking for is profile.content_settings.exceptions.javascript

    If you were able to copy this part of the file (not the whole file, though) between computers you could keep it synced manually. That might be a bit of a hassle, but I offer this advice just in case you're desperate to try.

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    @albinoni said in How to export Javascript exceptions?:

    Please forward the missing export-possibility

    When you get Vivaldi Sync (internally heavyly tested and almost ready) you can interchange with other Vivaldi installations.


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