Error: Crop area is outside of image

  • What can I do, when by upload of profilimage I get the message

    Error: Crop area is outside of image

    //EDIT: Solution for this problem: reduce cropped area.

    s. Screenshot

  • Moderator

    @gruenesonne Drag the dots at the center point of each of the blue crop lines to reduce the area. If you have to make it too small to succeed (because your image canvas is only the circle or something) then put your image onto a big enough square canvas to achieve the effect you want, before you upload it.

  • @ayespy Though the crop tool should never allow you to "crop outside of the image", because it pointless since it won't let you use the picture that way anyway. I would strongly recommend fixing this is mildly infuriating bug (or bad design choice).


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