Youtube not showing the higher resolutions

  • Hi, i noticed that vivaldi is having issues on showing 4k and 1440p resolutions on youtube. Any way to get around this?

    video i was trying to see 4k in vivaldi

    i saw the same video in chrome and it was normal

  • Moderator

    And what are the issues on a 4K video on your Windows?

  • My adsl is limited to 7mbit, so I can watch max 720p videos without problems;
    I can select in that video up to 1440p60 and it plays, even tho with some hiccups due to buffering. Selecting 2160p60 for me it's just an semi-infinite buffering, like 10 seconds buffering for 1 second play, but I can see it's actually playing. Of course you need both large bandwidth and a more than capable CPU/GPU combo to decode such monster videos.


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