How to downgrade to earlier version?

  • 1.11 gives me more unpredictable issues (glitches, tab freezing, empty tab) compared to 1.10. How do I downgrade to an earlier version without losing my saved bookmarks, login passwords, notes?

  • It would be good to see something firm about how to do this. Probably something like the following would do it, but it would be good if someone can be more definitive.

    • Go here:

    • Steps 1-5 in the first part of that page gets you the location of your "Defaults" folder, which is where your profile is stored. If you follow the instructions in the second part of the page ("back up some information") you can save your profile (but not, I think, your passwords).

    • Then go to the blog and browse back and download a previous snapshot or stable version.

    • Uninstall your existing copy and Install the snapshot.

    • The rest I haven't tried, but I assume you just replace the contents of the Default folder in the new installation, with the backup you took from your old installation. There's something about the "first run" file in the link above, which I haven't digested.

    If you didn't want to delete your existing installation, you could install the snapshot as "standalone" by clicking "advanced" in the install dialog and giving it a location to install in.

  • Hi, enable the flag chrome://flags/#password-import-export
    Open vivaldi://chrome/settings/search#pass and export your passwords.
    Same with older version then import.
    The password file is clear text, be careful with it.

    Cheers, mib
    P.S. This is broken in latest snapshot 1.12.953.8

  • Thanks all, I might copying over just the bookmarks, notes and try to export the login-password file.


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