unexplainable loading lag

  • Starting roughly two weeks ago, everything loads incredibly slowly in Vivaldi. It frequently takes 15-30 seconds before pages start to load. I updated to the latest version then (and again tonight) and restarted and nothing changed. Disabled plugins and restarted, no change. Deleted profile and restarted, no change.

    I run it at work, as well, and it's totally fine there. I installed it an and AMD E350 based box and it's fine there. On my main desktop, though, it's almost gotten too frustrating to use. Main desktop is an AMD FX6300 with 8GB of RAM and an 850 EVO for the OS drive. I can't find anything recent as to other people having the same issue, nor any suggestions beyond what I've already tried. I don't want to give it up, as I'm incredibly spoiled by it now.

  • Moderator

    Any security software on your Windows?


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