Just a few problem fixes for my love - Vivaldi

  • Well I always support new projects and I don't always attach myself to world trends, because even any indie application can be better than an official build.


    I have only two problems with Vivaldi currently:

    1 - No option in settings to remove rewind buttons (I know it's already possible to remove them, but I want the REAL way from Vivaldi settings).
    2 - Seriously slow startups. For the first launch after each boot, it usually takes over 25 seconds to launch!! While Chrome launches in 10 seconds when the slowest for first launch, and less than 5 seconds for every other launch.

    Make Vivaldi great again!! 😊

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    Vivaldi launches in 3-4 seconds here. How many tabs do you have open when it launches? How many extensions?

  • @claw To make a slow startup a bit more faster cleaning your download list and sometimes cleaning parts of your browser history seems to work for most users.

  • @pesala Well I haven't got a fast PC, but Chrome launches faster than Vivaldi in comparison. I use no extensions and only the Google page upon startup.

  • Chrome does less, hence takes less than Vivaldi to build the UI. I also wish it could be done faster, but unless it's coded in something less high level than javascript, the only option is to use more powerful CPUs. I know, it sucks, but it's what we have to pay for easy coding.

  • Well I will try your suggestions and well... I will still be here unless Vivaldi becomes faster!

  • By the way, I uninstalled the snapshot edition and installed the latest normal version - startup loads are much faster now!

  • I wonder if there would be some way to essentially "hibernate" the UI. I don't know enough about chrome's internal renderer and javascript engine to say.

    Similar to how Windows 10's hybrid shutdown feature just hibernates the main kernel so on next startup it can be loaded in to memory more directly, could something similar be done with the "ready state" of the browser?

  • @lonm Would be cool, Chrome wasn't doing it 'that' awesome, but it has the ability not to close all processes upon closing Chrome.


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