Tab width?

  • I have tried modifying the width of tabs to no avail. I am very new to CSS... This is what I have so far:

    .tabs-left, .tab-position, .tab, .tab-header
    width: 220px !important;

    Currently, it only works on the active tab, and overlaps inactive tabs next to it. I need to somehow change the spacing between tabs, as it is still the same as the default! Please and thank you!

    Yes I looked on the forums and google and found nothing related to what I want.

    I have my tabs at the top of my browser, with remove tab spacing on maximized windows enabled.

  • .tabs-left will do nothing if you are using tabs on the top. You only use this class appended to already existing element selection to make sure it only triggers on a specific tab position.

    And yeah, tabs are potentially a pain to modify -- we have many threads on tabs: width&in=titlesposts&categories=52&sortBy=relevance&sortDirection=desc&showAs=posts&page=1

  • Hey all,

    interested in it as well. Wanted to make tabs (on the top) slightly wider. That's it, no fancy things like expand to fit title, e.t.c.

    Is it possible? Wasn't able to find anything on forum yet.

    Thanks all.


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