Make icons more round / easy on eyes

  • I'm loving all the customization options of Vivaldi theming, but the interface icons, especially page navigation ones have always stood out to me as way too rough and sharp with all those sharp corners on arrow, reload, home icons etc. since those icons are so bold high-contrast in various theme color variants, it makes the interface look less friendly and is kind of a strain on the eyes. Please make them feel more round and wobbly, give them little rounded corners. Or make thin like in Chropera and Edge, even Chrome where they feel more light and easy on eyes.

    EDIT: I probably meant to post this in Feature Requests section, apologies.

  • @theprojectionist NO more rounded corners, its enough with the Vivaldi-Icon. If you want to have everything kitchi rounded, change to Firefox.

  • I understand the hate, but but look at Opera 12 for instance
    alt text

    Those icons have absolute maximum of 2px roundness for explicit corners and they are easier on eyes. I've always found them to be pleasing.

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    @theprojectionist Vote for my feature request:

    @pesala said in Feature requests for 1.12:

    Respect Corner Rounding Setting for Themes

  • Yes! I've always thought the same way about the icons when I started to get really interested in rounded corners for everything. There's a reason why rounded corners are easier on the eyes, as well as why we love them. There's just plenty of things to read about them if you're interested.

    That's partially why I would like custom skinning to come, so that I might learn how to create my own icons if it's not too hard, and hopefully make a more rounded version of V's icons for almost everything in the UI. But it would be better if a professional did it.

    If you look at some of the buttons on Opera Neon, they're nicely rounded. They're still thin, yet have round edges, a perfect combo. And O12's icons do look easy on the eyes, even if they're a little bulky for today.

  • One of you can go on and create rounded icons for the UI. It isn't really hard to do from a technical standpoint.

  • @luetage Customization is a very nice thing and I do like to fiddle around with stuff, but I believe that the developer should push it's designers to put out the best UX possible out of the box. Say what you want about the current product that's called "Opera", but you got to admit it's damn slick and polished, lots of attention to small details, it's certainly a better UI than Chrome. Vivaldi UI is more utilitarian yet 'rough on the edges' so there are things that can be improved. Striving for a great out-of-the-box UX is an honorable, respectable thing towards the end-user imo. Also, you can never fully rely on user modifications because support of them relies fully on their own motivation and professional skill level.

  • @theprojectionist It's a matter of taste, not everyone likes rounded design -- the best would certainly be to have it as option. Put it up as feature request, then there is a higher chance this will be implemented. But the wait could be potentially long, therefore a modification for the interim time makes perfect sense.

  • @luetage I certainly wouldn't mind a quality modification for now. Would be nice if mods like that could be installed on the fly, even without restarting the browser. Future potential for Vivaldi usability as in mod-ability is great.

  • @theprojectionist said:

    ... on the fly, even without restarting the browser...

    If restarting the browser is too much work, you can reduce the time slightly by just selecting all your tabs with ctrl or shift, right-clicking and moving them to a new window. That rebuilds the UI without having to close the browser and the webpages down.

  • @lonm Then implementing browser UI redraw on the fly should be easy. Would be a nice to have a repository for themes and UI modifications where you can look around and do it all with a single click, like you'd install a regular extension.

  • @theprojectionist That would work really well for CSS mods as they, though their cascading nature, don't have side-effects. It would be far more difficult to do that with JS mods though, as unless there was a well-defined API (right now they're all hacks of one kind or another), there would be lots of messy references left behind upon running a mod.


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