• In order to have unique passwords all across the net and not go nuts, I use LASTPASS. It's supported on all the other browsers. Is it here?

  • Extensions are not supported (yet). That means you can (for now) not use Lastpass.

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    Good to see two new posters here. Actually LastPass works with V. I am using it and it works fine. V doesn't have an extensions GUI yet so you have to do vivaldi://extensions to access it. AdBlock works too and is killer.

  • how do we use it?
    it won't let me install it.

    sorry, no lastpass, no vivaldi.

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    how do we use it?
    it won't let me install it.

    sorry, no lastpass, no vivaldi.

    Go here LastPass: Free Password Manager and install it.

    Then go in vivaldi://chrome/extensions and configure it, it works correctly.

  • But the option to add to browser has disappeared. It was available two days ago.


  • I just installed it today from chrome store and it works perfectly??

    You need to go to extensions page to configure but that's not so big a pain….....extensions are not natively supported yet, this is not yet a fully fledged browser so I would be a bit patient and expect that the devs will provide better native support in the future

  • I had the same problem, the install button wasn't showing.
    Tried first chrome store links from this site. Didn't work. Then i went to the Lastpass Homepage
    and went to the provided download Site. And since then the install button was visible, even at the chrome store.

    It's weird, don't know why.
    Anyhow, thanks for the hidden extensions hint in the first place and i hope this helps you.



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