Customizing StartPage/Speed Dial

  • Hey, guys, I was wondering if it's possible to edit/customize startpage/speed dial.

    I know that I can make my own page and just use it as the startpage but I would like just to edit the speed dial page and add something like clock, weather or quick text links on the side. I would leave speed dial icons intact, I would put just some additional elements on the empty space, beside them. Is that possible?

    Problem with the custom startpage is that when you open the new tab, the URL bar is not empty and it's not automatically selected, so you need to either click on the URL bar or use the shortcut ctrl+l which is not that convenient. Is there maybe a way to use the custom start page but to keep URL bar empty and auto-selected when you open the new tab?

  • @longlife I think you can already do it with chrome store extensions, like that:

    You can choose and add the speed dial you like! Now i don't know if works on vivaldi actual speed dial.

  • @tchelows That's not exactly what I want.

    I actually want to edit Vivaldi's start page (html and css) if it's possible and add some elements beside the speed dial.
    If that is not possible I would like to know if it's possible to use custom page (example) but keep the URL bar empty and auto selected when you open the new tab.

  • Well, what you are asking is complicated. You can potentially add new items to the startpage, but where is the code for these items coming from? Do you expect us to code a clock and a weather widget for you? It's not exactly clear what you really want.

  • @luetage Yeah I guess I wasn't clear enough, sorry.
    I would only like to know IF it's possible and what files I need to modify to achieve that.
    I don't expect you to code me anything, I can find the code for those "widgets" I only need to know where to place them.
    I have really, really basic knowledge of HTML and CSS.
    Would I need to edit HTML as well as CSS file to add something like that?

    To add and element to the startpage you will need javascript, for styling you will need a custom.css file.

  • @luetage Yeah, I know that but let's say I want to add a weather widget...I would also need to edit/add a code in the HTML file and that's my problem. Is there separate HTML file for Vivaldi's startpage?

  • @longlife I don't think theres a dedicated page for the startpage. Everything is built using react (I think it's react, if not some other JS library). The only thing present can be found at %vivaldi_dir%\resources\vivaldi\components\startpage\startpage.html, and that's just a stub to allow loading of the page and its favicon, I don't think you could add anything in there.

    Your best bets would be either to:

    • Find where in the code the startpage is rendered (difficult)
    • Listen for whenever a user switches to the startpage in a new tab and add stuff then (slightly easier, not a very clean solution)
    • See if what you're doing could be acomplished using VivaldiHooks (I haven't used this, but there may be an easy solution involving it)

    Also, a little while ago I did a little experiment that I gave up on, but if you look here, this mod goes some way to letting you modify the startpage: - I wouldn't reccomend using it, but it might give to a kickstart to understanding how a mod might be built.

  • @lonm Oh, ok. I thought there might be some simple solution. I'm too much of a noob to be able to do any of the things that you proposed but thank you anyway.

  • I'm a year late to this conversation, but thinking outside the box perhaps there's a work around. I'm no coder but perhaps there's a way to:

    1. have StartPage active in one side of a split screen
    2. have StartPage active within a frame on an HTML page of your own design, potentially featuring widgets, clocks, weather, to-do lists, etc.

    If you know of ways to imbed / enbed the StartPage, please feel free add them below.

    If I'm way off and dreaming of the impossible, please explain why and how.

    Thanks in advance.

  • @jasoncarswell you could always try adding the chrome://URL to a frame of your own design directly. I suspect that won't work. However if you somehow modified the start page html in the application directory to include a frame for your own file:// page is might work.

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