Vivaldi does not work with anymore on Mac since the most recent updates.

  • This is a very oddball request because I realise that probably no one would know what I'm talking about and they wont be able to help me but I wanted to try my luck here as well since I already contacted the person behind but he has not respondent yet and I'm not sure if he actively actually develops or supports the product anymore but this also might help him as it may be very likely that he has not heard of Vivaldi before as well..

    I also realise that Vivaldi can't be responsible for supporting some random app and I'm not asking that but I'm just seeking help from people that might be interested in the issue at hand.

    Description: (or formerly known as simply Focus) is an productivity app for Mac that you're probably not familiar with as it's not available in the mac store.

    One of its functions is to stop browsers from accessing particular websites for a set amount of time and it used to do that perfectly with all browsers on my mac (Safari,Chrome,Mozilla & Vivaldi). (Essentially the same functionality as some Chrome Web Store apps such as Stay Focused but better and it works globally for all browsers, or it used to)

    Vivaldi is and has been my main browser for more than a year and a half and I rarely ever use any other browser anymore unless I'm testing something (like now).

    The developer actually has a blog on how the app functions: , he uses OS X Url handlers.

    What Happened:

    After I upgraded to the most recent version of Vivaldi after I had not updated for the past 1-2 months, Focus does not work anymore for the browser. Something has changed in how Vivaldi works/handles such things and it just ignores Focus and I don't know why.

    All the other Browsers suppress the urls after I use Focus and it works with Apps and I have not updated Focus and nothing else has changed, so I'm pretty sure something changed since the recent updates.

    I'm testing on a MacOS 10.11.6
    Newest version of Vivaldi:
    Vivaldi 1.11.917.43 (Stable channel) (64-bit)

    It's a really big issue for me because Focus is a big part of my workflow and so is Vivaldi but suddenly Focus is useless. My only options are to basically block vivaldi and use other browsers when I have to be productive which is very unproductive. The other option is to try and revert to an older version of the browser but I haven't attempted that and eventually I will need to upgrade so it's not ideal

    I'm just wondering and relying on some luck if someone would just randomly read this and get an AHA moment, pointing to what might of changed.

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    @vuccappella I don't use Focus but the good news is that they say that they officially support Vivaldi:

    The URL in your original post also contains the email address for their support team. They may be able to provide you with advice on how to get Focus working again with the latest Vivaldi release.

  • I already contacted them, as I mentioned but I have not received a reply, so I was trying my luck here as well just by any chance if someone knows why it doesn't work now 🙂

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    @vuccappella Sorry, I don't know how I missed that! 🙂

    On a technical note, as I understand it, Vivaldi doesn't change any of the low-level Chromium code that makes the actual network connections. It's hard to say what exactly changed that caused the breakage.

    According to Focus' Twitter feed, they're also beta testing a new update:


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