Not responding to a Shortcut key defined by Keyboard Maestro

  • This is unusual. I've noticed several Keyboard Maestro posts in this forum and I hope someone might be able to help me with this.

    I've been able to use command-return as a shortcut key to click on a particular image with Chrome. I'm also able to run the macro associated with command-return manually from the KM editor when I'm using Vivaldi. However, when I try to execute the macro using command-enter with Vivaldi, I don't even get a system beep like I do with other KM errors.

    I've checked to see if there is any conflict with other shortcuts in Vivaldi. I didn't see command-return. I've tried other shortcuts. I've even tried to use the Palette feature of KM. However, the palette disappears when I activate Vivaldi!! Very weird.

    I use this shortcut key all day. So, if I can't fix this, I'll probably have to switch back to another browser and I really don't want to do that. Any ideas?

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    @msatterwhite This is not a forum issue. What is your operating system, and I will move it there.

  • @ayespy Oops. Sorry. Mac O/S


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