Whole Session suddenly gone!

  • Hi,
    some minutes ago I searched the web, had once again way too many tabs open (20+) and suddenly the whole open session was suddenly gone, no tab was open anymore but just the the speed dial. Furthermore are all my saved sessions (3) gone, too.
    My PC was in idle, just roughly 3-4 Gb of my 16Gb RAM were used, just nothing was fully utilized, oh and my temporal RAM on my SSD wasn't full either. Fortunately anything else like my reading marks, history, settings and so on are still there and/or not changed.

    Any tipps or similar what could have 'caused that and any solution to that problem (how I can get back my session or prevent to lose it)- except restarting the browser, PC (both had no effect) or reinstalling it?

    Thanks in advance guys,

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    @logan_the_hamster It sounds like the browser crashed?

  • I've been having this, or similar issues happen for the last 3-4 months... When I restart or close my browser, the session will go missing and I have had to start manually saving my sessions from the File menu.

    I also run Session Buddy to help save my tabs in case I forget, but it forgets what tabs are grouped together so after a restart I still need to spend 15-30 minutes to re-organize my tabs.

  • @ayespy
    Hi, no the browser did not crash just from one moment to the other every open tab was suddenly closed (even the selected one), my saved sessions were gone and I was thrown back to the start page (speed dial for me).
    Just guess how confused I were.

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    @logan_the_hamster I can't explain that. I have never seen or heard of such behavior. Do you use any extensions?

  • Same problem as Seiichi:
    Whenever I start Vivaldi all tabs of the last session are closed, allthough I have activated in the settings to open the last session when starting. I have had this problem for the last maybe 2 months.

    System: Windows 7 64-bit; newest Vivaldi 1.11.917.43

    Any suggestions??

  • @ayespy Not any majorly or heavy stuff, just Ghostery, Https everywhere, YouTube Enhancer and Turn of the Light, thats all.
    And since I installed them I had no problem at all with them or caused by them (as far as I can tell), so I doubt that they caused the bug that deleted my sessions.

    Oh and I am using Windows 10 Pro 64bit.

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    @albinoni Any suggestions? Yes. refresh your profile.

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    @logan_the_hamster I'm going to also recommend to you that you refresh your profile. Some bits are getting crosswise of other bits. And irrespective of how many, how "heavy," or what kind of extensions you use, you never know where something can change and get crosswise. Never assume that because something has been OK, that it is still OK.

    Besides, a refresh can be a valuable diagnostic tool.

  • In the german speaking section I found this advice:
    Go to vivaldi://settings/?search=apps and - under "system" - deactivate that apps should still be running in the background when Vivaldi is closed.

    (I didn`t test it until now because first of all I want to test my extensions. There are obviously no problems without extensions.))


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