when click a link vivaldi frequently select some characters of the link

  • For example, when i click the link of http://www.abc.com on the character 'a'(keep mouse not move), it's frequently select the character 'a'.
    I think this is very annoying, and seems that it's a bug. Hope it will be fixed.

    And i want know does any has the same issue?


    attach a git image to show the case. Please pay attention on the character of T in the string of “Dev Tools”. I click the link by the thinkpad's button(not touch pad & not mouse).

    the image is in here->gif image<-here

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    @colinhd8 No, I don't have the same issue. Moving mouse cursor horizontally selects the text as it should, but clicking always opens the link. Likewise with middle-click or ctrl+click.

    If you're having problems, try a different mouse, or use a mouse gesture to open links.

  • @pesala Thanks.
    I have try different computer, the same result.
    clicking will open the link, but sometimes it also select some characters.
    I'm using a mouse gesture, as you know, moving mouse cursor horizontally will select the text, so i need to move mouse up or down to open the link, but sometimes it will select the text instead of opening the link. So to find out the problem is belong to vivaldi or the mouse gesture, i do a test and find out that sometime keep the mouse not move and click the link will also select the text(of course the link will open at finally).

    And i really don't want to select text by moving mouse cursor horizontally on the link, so i hope vivaldi can add a setting to let user decide whether enable this feature.

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    @colinhd8 Try changing the mouse gesture sensitivity in Settings, Mouse.

  • @pesala
    Mouse gesture was triggered by right mouse button, and the click problem was triggered by left mouse button.

    I have tried out what you say, still have the problem.


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