[BUG] Vivaldi prevents fluxbox shortcuts that make browser unfocused from working

  • When vivaldi window is opened and focused when I try to use any fluxbox shortuct like [code]<a-f1>[/code] (defined as [code]Mod1 F1 :Workspace 1[/code]: switch to workspace 1) or [code]<a-tab>[/code] (defined to [code]Mod1 Tab :NextWindow (workspace=[current])[/code]: switch window as expected) from working. Specifically I see another workspace or non-vivaldi window for a moment and then this window disappears because vivaldi regains the focus. The matters are worse if I try switching to another vivaldi window using fluxbox shortcuts: in place of peacefully switching to another vivaldi window two windows start fighting for the focus. Same thing happens if I use dbus (via qdbus client launched by a fluxbox shortcut) to make yakuake (quake-style terminal emulator) appear: it appears and then vivaldi immediately retakes focus, making it disappear again. This happens when I use www-client/vivaldi- from main portage tree on amd64 Gentoo linux. By the way, where is the public bug tracker? I also do not remember where is the link to the private bug report form and thus would not find https://vivaldi.com/bugreport.html if it was not in history. Bug was also reported there.</a-tab></a-f1>

  • Similar things happen here with Enlightenment. It seems Vivaldi is constantly asking for focus after you switch back from another application or Vivaldi window. Especially the latter case is funny as they're both constantly hogging each other's focus… with nice flickering windows as a result.


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