Audio Plays At The Wrong Speed | Some Slow, Some Fast

  • As previously reported in other threads, Vivaldi has a problem with playing some audio.
    Sometimes it plays too slow, and sometimes it plays too fast.

    I have seen it happen on various sites, including some clips on YouTube.
    I should have been saving the links so I could post them, but I didn't. But, in the future, as I come across them I will post them.

    But, I have just now come across a site where the audio plays slow.
    Here is the link. Over on the top left, click on the "Listen" button and see if it plays slowly for you. 🎼

  • Moderator

    Bug is VB-32508 [SlowAudio] on

  • Maybe it is all the same bug, but here is another one.

  • @Dypsis

    I came here to post this as well. I can confirm that Netflix also gets out of lip sync as well as YouTube. It seems to slip out over time so the longer a video is the worse it gets and pausing and unpausing does not fix it.

    This is the only major issue I have with Vivaldi otherwise I think it's a great browser.



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