Annoying "Enter password to unlock your login keyring" on Debian Linux

  • Hi everybody, brand new user attempting to switch from Firefox here.

    I'm on a weird Debian variant (BunsenLabs Linux Hydrogen) and I installed Vivaldi yesterday. It generally works, but every time I start it, I get the pop-up "Enter password to unlock your login keyring. The login keyring did not get unlocked when you logged into your computer".

    I have to hit cancel four times for it to go away and use the browser normally. It's annoying.

    My Googling hasn't really found me a satisfactory solution that doesn't compromise security (most of what I see is for Ubuntu/Gnome. I use xfce).

  • @tomkat0789 I have this same issue on another Linux distro. Typing the user password and clicking OK works the first time to get rid of the message. I use Mate. I'm curious do you auto-login to the desktop? I have been meaning to try turning that off, and seeing if a manual login resolves the issue. I don't have access to that laptop at the moment so I cannot try it.

  • Just tried this on the laptop I was having the issue on. Turing off auto-user login and rebooting, then manual login to the desktop worked. Launching Vivvaldi after manual login does not result in a prompt for password. In my case I think the keyring may not get unlocked from an auto-user login.

    This solved the issue for me on Mageia 6 with MATE desktop. Hopefully it can help you.

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    @blkhawk I'll have to try it on Mint. That stupid keyring thing drives me a bit nuts.

  • I know this does not assist the OP, but i'm only posting this to illustrate it's not generic to all Linux per se. My previous OS was Maui Linux [Ubuntu 16.04 base with Plasma5 DE], & my current OS is oS TW P5 per my signature line. In both cases, the following describes the behaviour / interaction of Vivaldi + Plasma5 + KWalletManager i experience(d):

    1. Boot pc & log in
    2. Launch V.
    3. Whilst V is still launching, KWalletManager pops up & requests my password for it to unlock V's onboard passwords.
    4. I enter said pswd & OK.
    5. Popup box vanishes, & stays vanished for the entirety of the current Plasma session [note that; P session, NOT V session].
    6. Continue using V for as many minutes, hours or days as i wish. That KWM box does not return.
    7. Close V if for whatever reason i might need or wish [very unusual].
    8. Relaunch V.
    9. Because KWallet is still unlocked from the initial V launch in this P session [even if that was 7 days ago & even if in the interim i've relaunched V 17,839 times], V simply starts up without disturbance.
    10. Come Pumpkin Hour or later when the zzzzzzz's approach, Suspend the pc.
    11. Next morning, Resume pc session [which necessitates unlocking the P lockscreen].
    12. Assuming V was still running at time of said Suspend, navigate to VD2 wherein lies V, & browse on unhindered.
    13. Once a week when i wanna do my routine zypper dup TW upgrade, close V & everything else, do the deed, reboot, log into P, launch V, enter pswd into KWM, return to #5.

    I might be wrong, but i think this is "normal" Plasma / KWM behaviour. Is the OP's described behaviour normal for that system, or indicative of a fault? It seems faulty to me.

  • This is what I did to solve the issue on Linux Mint. I saw this somewhere else, and I'm no expert, so I don't know if this is the safest thing.

    rm -v ~/.local/share/keyrings/*.keyring

    Next restart when prompted for keyring click continue and leave everything blank.

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