New Windows Slow to Open

  • When opening a new window there is a considerable delay before anything appears. About 2 seconds and another half second or so to finish. Even if I set Home/New Tab to blank.

    I did a search before posting and noticed at least one person has noticed the issue on Windows as well.

    I assume it has to do with Vivaldi's UI however that's not a good excuse. It's not so much of a major problem as it is an annoyance. As a web developer, I am very experienced with load times and optimizations.

    Has anyone experienced this issue? Are there any flags or preferences that can be set to improve the issue?

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    @r3volution11 I've noticed this too. I don't understand why it is happening. I also get a delay a little bit after the window has opened, too.

    If I recall correctly, standard advice is to check if your security software is interfering, or to clear your downloads list.

  • Thanks for your quick reply @LonM.

    That's a good recommendation, however, I've personally already done that. I hope we both get a fix to this issue. 😄

  • I've noticed that new windows are slow compared to other browsers (specifically Opera). The first window being slow I can understand, but if a link opens in a new window (either due to right-click > Open in New Window or because they are using javascript to create a window of a different size) everything is already loaded. So why is that so slow?

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    @sgunhouse Partly because "everything" is not "already loaded." A single copy of the UI has been built and for the new window, the entire UI framework has to be built from scratch again.

  • By "loaded" I meant just that - bookmarks, history, mail et al are already in memory; the comment about clearing downloads shouldn't apply. There should be some way to just clone the UI.

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    @sgunhouse Vivaldi is different from other browsers in that it renders its own UI with HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Opening a new window in Vivaldi has never been instantaneous but the developers do keep trying to find ways to make this faster with every release.

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