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  • There does not appear to be any sort of zoom level indicator outside of the status bar at the bottom of the screen. It would be nice if the View menu could at least know what the current zoom level is for those of us who decide to turn off the status bar.

    Better yet, maybe on the right side of the address bar the zoom level percentage could be added just left of the drop down for typed history?

    Thanks! Loving Vivaldi so far, except for this small issue.

    Note: As a Surface Pro 3 user with multiple desktop monitors at different zoom levels it's important to readily have this information, but also the status bar takes up valuable screen real estate without adding much value.

    Nathan Middleton

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    @nathan-middleton Assign a single-key shortcut such as "s" to show/hide the status bar.

    Post in the Feature Requests thread.

  • Could probably be displayed with a custom modification to the browser. Shouldn't be that hard to implement -- and most users don't need this.

  • Vivaldi isn't supposed to be about "most users don't care about this". That's what the new Opera is for. Vivaldi is all about configuring the browser to your personal preferences, like the old opera.

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    @d0j0p said in Feature requests for 1.12:

    Ability to add/move/remove buttons and UI elements.

    Opera 12.17 allows users to add a zoom level drop list to any toolbar. I think full customisation is some way off yet, but some users offer all kinds of customisation in the Modding Forum.

    See the Modding Forum

  • @nathan-middleton If you don't mind mods, you can use the following custom mod. It will move the zoom controls from the status bar to the address bar after the extensions area.

    setTimeout(function wait() {
        var zoom_controls = document.querySelector("#footer > div.status-toolbar > div.zoom-control");
        if (zoom_controls != null) {
            var ext_wrap = document.querySelector('#main > div.toolbar-addressbar > span.extensions-wrapper');
        else {
            setTimeout(wait, 300);
    }, 300);

    Side note: This pattern for moving things about the browser seems to be quite a useful common solution to these issues.

  • @pesala Adding a zoom level drop list anywhere in the UI like you could with O12 would also be part of the ability to add/move/remove buttons and UI elements. The idea is that it will work exactly like O12 did in being able to move literally anything you wanted wherever you want. It's great that you could do it with modding by CSS until we wait for it to be a native feature. I'm not sure how much it takes to add this functionality, but it doesn't sound that easy.

  • I'd like this to be implemented natively in Vivaldi, too, but in the meantime there's an extension called Zoom Page WE that I use that gives this functionality.

    Like the OP, I have the status bar hidden, enabling the status text overlay option to show URLs, etc. However, I like to see the zoom values for the pages I visit at a glance, as I tend to set different zoom levels for many sites, so it's useful to see these differing values.

    Yeah, it'd be nice to see this type of thing implemented in Vivaldi, but I thought I'd mention this extension as a workaround until that happens, if ever.

  • @gort The extension doesn't seem to work in Vivaldi. Always displays 100%.

  • Works flawlessly for me in Vivaldi. I've been using it for a few months with no issues.

    Go into the extension's options, which you'll find in the Vivaldi extensions page. Deselect the option "Use CSS full zoom instead of browser full zoom", then click on the Save button. This means that the extension will use the browser's own zooming rather than its own method. With its own, the extension works independently of the browser's zoom (click on the extension's button on the address bar, and you'll see options to change zoom and min text size, etc). So, if you want the extension to reflect the browser's zoom, then deselect that option. That way, when you change zoom using Vivaldi's own keyboard shortcuts, etc, then the Zoom Page icon will reflect the change. You can also use Zoom Page's icon to select the zoom level you want, and that'll be reflected in the browser's zoom setting, too.

    Best thing would be to read the extension's howto on the right of its page in Chrome extensions. It gives a clear description of the extension's usage. It works very well in Vivaldi, at least for me.

  • @lonm Thanks for the information. I've honestly not dug into Vivaldi in that way, but it's nice to know this sort of thing can work.

  • I suppose the basis for my recommendation is that having something like zoom tied to such an inconvenient part of the browser window is limiting the amount of visible space for browsers.

    Vivaldi already has by default a portion on the left or right (default) dedicated to the panel bar, then you have the status at the bottom, which apparently houses the link information as well (since I can't seem to get that anymore).

    If you compare to Firefox and it's ability to "customize" and then drag the zoom right from the settings, literally anywhere. Or how I can open up the bookmarks bar and drag the bookmark quick list literally anywhere else and turn off the bar.

    Overall it's not great use of precious UI space for a whole bar to be dedicated to one or two small features. Additionally a user shouldn't need to program their browser to rediscover this information.

    I'm personally not averse to the option of changing the browser around myself using programming, but I can't imagine that's going to appeal to a wider audience.

    Really, I have to say that Firefox should be the "Gold Standard" here to look at for UI customization.

  • @nathan-middleton said in Zoom Level Indicator:

    If you compare to Firefox and it's ability to "customize" and then drag the zoom right from the settings, literally anywhere. Or how I can open up the bookmarks bar and drag the bookmark quick list literally anywhere else and turn off the bar.

    I agree. I always move "Zoom controls" buttons to the Address Bar.
    BTW you can find this feature requests here


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