• Hi, newbie here, I got fed up with Firefox and don't regret trying out Vivaldi.
    In Firefox Facebook, Twitter and so on I have three dictionaries installed, UK English, French and German and on a typical day use all of them. I haven't worked out how to install dictionaries to do this with Vivaldi.
    I hate virtual keyboards so that's not the solution I'm looking for...

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    You can set which dicts you want to use.
    Just open the context menu in a textarea and select the languages (can use many at once!) you want to have.
    If language is missing you can add more from context menu or open vivaldi://chrome/settings/languages and add them.

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    Vivaldi uses Hunspell dictionaries, so there's a wide range from which to choose.


  • Thanks. Yes, I discovered that this morning, ONCE. I couldn't make it work again.
    I'll shut up and try to see if I was doing something wrong,
    thanks again


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