Keep calm and carry on fixing – Vivaldi Browser Snapshot 1.12.953.8

  • @gwen-dragon If you navigate in them with a mobile phone, the layout is different.

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    @ryofurue said in Keep calm and carry on fixing – Vivaldi Browser Snapshot 1.12.953.8:

    Open Link In Stack

    That is already available under Settings, Tabs, Open Tabs in Current Stack.

  • Well that was new...!

    I have Vivaldi on a USB key which I run on a work laptop (can't install my own programs on the hard disk). I am able to update the installation while using it at work, and I use batch files to keep a master copy of my data on USB which is written to/from disk when I want to use it.

    This morning, for the first time ever, Vivaldi prompted me to update as soon as I started the laptop! This is surprising since I didn't think enough stuff was written to the laptop to do this. Was a registry item pointing to the installer on the USB key or does Vivaldi now leave some installer notifier in the user profile (which was still on the hard disk)? How come it never happened before?

  • Spatial navigation is all over the place again on civil aviation forum... Back to mouse.

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    @steffie: Confirmed here too, I'll investigate, thanks!

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    Found a bugreport on it, VB-23122, so look for that in future snapshots, thanks 🙂

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    @mossman: Seems to work reasonably well here, what issues are you seeing?

  • @aronand said in Keep calm and carry on fixing – Vivaldi Browser Snapshot 1.12.953.8:

    @mossman: Seems to work reasonably well here, what issues are you seeing?

    I've tried to explain it a couple of times for previous snapshots but it's not easy. Maybe I should try and take a video.

    Basically, in the Civil Aviation forum, I want to go down the icons to the left of the subject headers (using shift+arrow) and press ctrl+enter to open some of them in the background. I would also like the page to scroll when I reach the bottom of the screen, keeping the highlight box on the subject icons.

    Older versions of Vivaldi actually worked this way.

    But in the last few months there have been many snapshots like this one where the highlight will randomly jump to the title or the subject poster or even just skip off to one of the links at the edge of the screen... Sometimes it goes off screen completely! Random link selection is worse when you get to the bottom of the screen - and sometimes the page will jump in an odd way so it's hard to tell if you just scrolled down a few lines or down most of the list.

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    @mossman Thanks, I'll check it out a bit more, I see there is some strange behaviour here indeed, but I can't seem to find a way to reproduce it every time. A video displaying you'r issues would be nice yeah, if you could make a report on the bug here: and link to a video further displaying the issue, that would help with the testing of the issue a lot 🙂

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    This post is deleted!

  • @unandpw: Me too...

  • Can anyone else confirm if fast forward using the space bar has become unreliable in the latest snapshots?

    Actively using a fast forward command or a FF mouse gesture still works, but space bar often (but not always) doesn't.

  • How can i achieve the following functions by vivaldi gestures:

    Close the current tab and Focus Left Tab;

    Close the current tab and Focus Right Tab;

    and seem rocker gesture doen't work in google search pages.

  • @Pesala, @Gwen-Dragon, @Steffie: thanks for helping.

    Seems the reason must be over here. Since complete restore of the profile is still a lot of manual work, I hope the next update(s) brings some sort of a silent fix.

  • @pesala: Thanks, but that's not what I was talking about. The feature you mention works only when the current tab is already in a stack.

    Read the thread from the top. kenedz wants an option to form a tiled view from the current tab: Right-click > "Open Link in Tile".

    Likewise, I want an option to form a stack from the current tab, whether or not it is part of a stack: Right-click > "Open Link In Stack".

  • on downloads section.... bugs on display the downloads directory... when still downloads it is function properly but when it is finish it is do nothing..... hope dev finish what you starting but done with astonishing features k.

  • I'm just waiting here for these features:

    • more mouse gestures (search selected text in google, open link (without opening it in new tab)), combined gestures (two function in one gesture).
    • search buttons in context menu (like Quick Context Search firefox addon)
    • tiled tabs is regulable (width, height)
    • themed context menus and scrollbars (dark color)
    • customized size of speed dials.

  • Not sure if this issue has only just turned up in this snapshot or has been noticed before, but I've only just noticed it. I've done a few searches, but can't find anyone else mentioning this issue. This issue also turns up in a fresh profile.

    If you go to a site that has unauthenticated content mixed with secure content, then there's an indication of that in the address bar with the tooltip saying, "Content from unauthenticated sources has been blocked". That's good. However, if on the same tab you then go to a site that has secure content, then that indicator still shows despite the site being secure. You can keep on going to other secure sites, but it won't go away.


    1 - Go to and notice the unauthenticated content indicator in the address bar.

    2 - Using the same tab, now go to and note that the unauthenticated content indicator is still shown despite it being a secure site (try going to the BBC website in a different tab to confirm it's secure).

    3 - Using the same tab, now go to another secure site and still see the indicator shown.

    Surely when you've left the site with unauthenticated content and gone to a secure site, the indicator should disappear.

    Running the latest snapshot (32-bit) on Windows 10 (64-bit).

    Edit - I've just created a bug report: VB-32563

  • @gort said in Keep calm and carry on fixing – Vivaldi Browser Snapshot 1.12.953.8:

    Nice catch!
    Confirmed on Linux Mint with Vivaldi 1.11.917.43 (Stable channel) (64-bit) and 1.12.953.8 (Official Build) snapshot (64-bit).

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    @gort Thanks for the report. A serious and irritating issue.
    i confirmed your bug in bugtracker.


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